Rookie Mag rattles off a myriad contributors for their 4th Yearbook

American online teen magazine Rookie has long held an extensive list of musically inclined, famous readers and contributors. Every year, the website puts out heft, a print produced filled with visual and written content, and the newly announced Yearbook might be their best yet.

For their 2015 Yearbook, Rookie Mag is boasting a pretty impressive roll call of contributors. Including regular writers, founder/editor Tavi Gavinson’s project will this year also feature words and works by a long list of some pretty famous friends. For the musically inclined side of things, there’s Lorde, Florence Welch, Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste, Dej Loaf, Charli XCX, Devonte Hynes, Solange, Shamir, Willow Smith, Ariana Grande and Hayley Williams of Paramore – just to name a few.


So. Excited.

Ezra Koenig is a pretty familiar face around the Rookie traps, having already appeared in their Ask A Grown series with bandmate Chris Baio about two years ago. In the video, the “giggliest bros” answer questions about sex, romance. Aside from giving some great advise to the teenagers who sent in questions, Koenig and Baio seem to generally find the concept of being a grown up laughable and it’s pretty great to watch.

Ask a Grown Man: Vampire Weekend from Rookie on Vimeo.