Raury debuts beautiful new track ‘Demo 1: The Sea’

Atlanta wunderkind Raury has delivered again, with track Demo 1: The Sea, demonstrating his effortless ability to integrate soul, folk and rap into his own unique blend of music. With his album coming out tomorrow, the demo won’t be featured on the album.

On Demo 1, Raury changes it up a bit, slowing it down and bringing it back to his guitar-infused roots. After the enormous scope and power of tracks like Friends and Devil’s Whisper, Demo 1 comes as a breath of fresh air to your ears, sweeping you away to a sunny dusk spent on a Georgia veranda, with the warm summer breeze grazing your cheek ever so slightly.

The organic and bare bones feel of the song allows Raury’s vocal ability to take centre stage, and the organic feel of it makes it instantly timeless. Its emblematic of the 19-year-olds enormous talent, showing us he’s not just an adept rapper, but a soulful singer too, and hopefully we can hear some more stripped back tracks from the Georgian again.

Raury’s debut album All We Need comes out this Friday, October 16 via Sony. Read our recent interview right here

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