Purity Ring nail live performance on Jimmy Kimmel

In a haze of bright lights and powerful vocals, Purity Ring lit up Jimmy Kimmel’s live stage this week with a rendition of their latest single begin again. Well renowned for their mesmerising light shows, the duo of Megan James and Corin Roddick frolicked around amongst a multitude of tiny lights that lit up in time with the music.

The single is taken off their recent album Another Eternity, which is one of the most underrated albums this year, spawning tunes such as bodyache and pushpull.

The timing for the performance couldn’t have been better, with a creepy video for begin again being released in the last few days. The video documents a woman being dug up from a shallow grave after some kind of body part was discovered growing on the tree above the grave. The woman somehow survives, but before long a trio of nuns is tracking her down – so pretty much the basis of any horror movie.

Purity Ring are currently on a pretty massive world tour, showing Canada what they got, before hitting the UK and Europe. In early 2016 they’ll be wrapping up their tour here in Australia, where we can’t wait to catch them at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival.