Written by Emma Jones and Lauren Ziegler

Klyne – Closer

This song immediately reminded me of Jamiroquai, which is always a good thing. Maybe if Jamiroquai teamed up with Hot Chip, it would sound something like this. Dutch duo Klyne have reinvigorated their sound after a slew of singles earlier this year, and they’re all the better for it. Closer is minimal, hypnotic, staggering and a lot of fun. It’s got an undeniable groove and those vocals! Oh, those vocals!

Night Palms – George Clooney

This track is Night Palms’ second in his Silver Fox Series, in which he creates stunning instrumental tracks named after grey haired actors. First we had Richard Gere and now we have this, George Clooney. Sampling the poignant Clooney quote, “Make no mistake – your relationships are the heaviest components in your life,” Night Palms used percussion focused production to deliver a glitchy, crashing, hip hop styled beat track that will get you feeling the groove from the inside out. It’s a testimony to Night Palms’ skill as a beatmaker and has made us incredibly keen for the next instalment!

D.R.A.M – Caretaker Ft. SZA

Well D.R.A.M has certainly been in the news this week, following the drama surrounding Drake‘s borrowing/ remixing/sampling what has now become mammoth hit Hotline Bling. But now we get to discuss him for another reason – his incredible new SZA-featuring track, Caretaker. Silky and seductive, I love literally everything about this single. Almost painstakingly slow, I feel wholly mesmerised by every single phrase, note and harmony. What an absolutely beautiful song. My pick for the week.

Piers James – 80’s Baby

Teaming up with Jake Milliner for production duties, this track is just awesome. Throwing back with it’s boom bap kicks and splashy cymbals, warm synth swells move it towards a futuristic sound as James goes to town with his rhymes. Spitfire verses and soulful chorus, this is classic hip hop at it’s finest.

Benji Lewis – Why

From just a few seconds, Benji Lewis grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let it go. Sounding like an electro-pop version of Active Child, Why is a hard hitting slice of synth pop with added glam and a lot of modern flair. Passionate, infectious and pumping, Benji Lewis just earned himself a permanent spot on my radar and I can’t wait to see what he does next!

Set Mo – Chasing Forever Ft. ALPHAMAMA

Set Mo delivered an absolute ripper set at this year’s BIGSOUND, so I’ve had my eyes peeled for new material from the duo, and now they have delivered the goods. This deep house track is practically made for dancefloors, encompassing tropical and pop elements for an added bonus. Teaming up with ALPHAMAMA for some sublime vocals, the whole track glides along effortlessly, understated in it’s delivery but nevertheless impressive. Big things are still to come from these two!

Wafia – Heartburn

Brisbane based up-and-comer Wafia first came up on my radar with her cover of Mario‘s Let Me Love You, which is sitting on a cool 2 million plays right now since it was released. Since then, she has worked with Vancouver Sleep ClinicJapanese WallpaperCharles Murdoch and most recently Ta-Ku, but now she’s steppin’ out on her own. Heartburn is a stunning song tinged with melancholy, showcasing Wafia’s impeccable voice and guest producer Ta-Ku’s flawless production techniques. It’s the perfect first taste from her forthcoming EP out next month, a release we cannot wait to hear.

Elizabeth Rose – Shoulda Coulda Woulda

Elizabeth Rose has returned with Shoulda Coulda Woulda, co-written and co-produced with Grammy winning beatmaker M-Phazes. Musically, the track’s spotlight shines firmly on the rhythm. That big, punchy, funk-inspired beat ties the whole track together. Each phrase is led by the demanding rhythm, and as a result, the entire atmosphere moves and stretches along with it. A really interesting release, to feature on her forthcoming debut album, duo out in March 2016.

Mio, Neverland ft. Le Pie

Adelaide’s Mio returns with their second fresh track of the year, the spritely and expansive Neverland. A glistening electro-pop offering, there’s something uniquely refreshing about Le Pie’s guest vocals, particularly when contrasted against that deep, rumbling bass, and the smooth syncopated rhythms. I absolutely love the indie-inspired chorus, full of joy and hope.

Lilt, Capture

Upcoming duo Lilt have just dropped new single Capture, a dark and rich release with an emotional atmosphere that you can really get lost in. There’s a lot of female-fronted electro-pop out there, but singer Louise Penman’s powerhouse vocal delivery really makes these guys stand out. Sparse synths and a hollowed rhythm form the base of the track’s burgeoning soundscape. The echoed vocal harmonies are easily my favourite aspect of the track. I’m looking forward to hearing more from these guys!