Omarion cancels London show after discrimination allegations

If you weren’t a fan of Californian soul crooner Omarion before now, this heartwarming story of justice served might just change your mind for the better. The singer, a former member of boy band B2K and a current member of the Rick Ross-helmed Maybach Music Group, as well as a successful artist in his own right, was scheduled to play a headline show at a popular nightspot in London over the weekend, but at the 11th hour posted this to his Twitter account:

The nightclub in question is DSTRKT which, aside from having a completely fucking obnoxious name, was also hit with some pretty hefty allegations of discrimination recently. According to BBC Newsbeat, two women were denied entry into the club for a show by Chris Brown‘s on-again-off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran apparently for the reasons of, and this is abhorrent, being ‘overweight’ and ‘too dark’.

Well, DSTRKT was subsequently denied a performance for being ‘too awful’, because Omarion was having approximately none of this shit. The veracity of the claim in question is still up in the air, DSTRKT have of course denied the shit out of them and there’s really no way to prove either side right or wrong at the end of the day. It is well worth noting though that for an artist to cancel a headline performance like this, forfeiting whatever money he was supposed to make from it as well as potentially pissing off a lot of his fans (who have nothing to do with the miserable door policies of an overrated nightclub), on the basis of these allegations alone, you would think that he would have to have been incredibly confident in the truth behind them.

As someone who loathes pretentiously exclusive nightclubs (and racism even more) all I can say is a huge pat on the back to Omarion for taking a stand against some vehemently awful discrimination and a door policy evidently steeped in sheer hate. If your nightclub won’t let anyone who doesn’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model or a Geordie Shore extra in then chances are it’s a horrid piece of shit place to be anyway.