Nicolas Jaar Releases New Track ‘Fight (Nymphs IV)’

Nicolas Jaar has now released the latest instalment in his Nymph series with the trance-like Fight (Nymphs IV). Choosing to release the track over Twitter, the 8 and a half minute track is what I like to call “peak Jaar”. Slow and steady, meticulous and just so well thought out, Fight (Nymphs IV) should come as a very pleasant surprise for those who consider themselves a Nicolas Jaar enthusiast.

Said enthusiasts have had a bit of a hard run following this producer. He’s hard to pin down, even harder to figure out, and just when he gets you really hooked on whatever he’s doing, he calls it quits. This writer is still recovering from the announcement that Darkside is over (the dark and mysterious project he had with Dave Harrington which saw the duo tour the world with their brooding sounds). The output of solo material also dried up over the last few years as well, until this year. Now, in October, Fight (Nymphs IV) is actually his fourth release of the year following his free album of the 1969 film The Colour of Pomegranates soundtrack, as well as Nymphs II and III and an outstanding remix of Florence + The Machine. Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder, and it seems now Jaar is rewarding those who have still stuck around for their patience.

This groove driven experimental track was posted by Jaar on Twitter along with the caption “This nymph swam to gent.” Whatever that means, it’s a mellow, glitchy dream that shows that Jaar’s still got “it”, and will probably never lose it. Fight (Nymphs IV) is out now via R&S Records.