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Nick Cannon Thinks Chris Brown is as Talented as Michael Jackson and Tupac combined

Oh, there are few things in this world that deeply, deeply upset me. Well, let’s just say at the end of the day there are probably three, three total things that really grind my gears. Number 1: Not having any beer in the fridge. Number 2: People comparing themselves or other people to Tupac (you can read that vent here). And Number 3: People reminding me that my queen Mariah Carey is married, and/or people bringing up her husband – what’s his name? The guy who still uses ‘yo momma’ jokes, hosts a show about talented Americans (while he himself is not one). You know the guy? It’s (copy and paste from the Internet as typing his name is too painful) Nick Cannon. Urgh.

Well as I sit here, drinking beer, thinking today was going well since no one has said anyone is like Tupac, and no one has reminded that the woman of my dreams is taken or mentioned her husband. Then I see this…

All personal beefs aside – Chris Brown can dance. Well, I haven’t seen anything of his since he was charged with domestic violence, but back in the day, before (potentially) he was a self-righteous jerk, he could do those signature Michael Jackson moves pretty well. That is the complete extent of my praise. And just because someone can dance doesn’t mean that he is Michael Jackson or that he even deserves a comparison to MJ. Also, does Chris Brown even rap? Isn’t he a singer? How can you compare him to Tupac if they do different things? Chris Brown is that guy who Photoshops himself in with a cute girl to show everyone that he does have a girlfriend (or to prove that he’s best friends with Tupac).


Regardless of what else you may think or hear about Chris Brown, he is still a loser.

So how about we just say that Chris Brown can dance and sing like any other dancer or singer. He is comparable to his peers. He’s got moves like Jagger (cue Maroon 5).

Please people, for the love of all things hip hop, stop comparing people to Tupac.