Miguel Drops New Video for ‘Waves’

If there’s one thing Miguel can do, it’s make people wet. Everyone’s favourite modern day crooner has bestowed upon us a colour-filled video for Waves.

If you’ve ever wondered what a house party with Miguel would be like, you’re in luck. If the party you envisioned also featured J Cole and Wale, you might want to hold onto something, because your inner fan girl is about to be utterly satisfied.

For those getting their first taste of Waves, the track itself is a typical Miguel-esque anthem; funk infused R’n’b, with some sensual psychedelic influences thrown in for good measure.

It’s only fitting then, that the video itself is awash with colour; an acid trip without the ingesting of any illegal substances, and perhaps a little less risque than past videos for Coffee and goingtohell.

The video and the track are a perfect match, and speaks volumes of the artistic persona behind the microphone. Miguel himself has had a euphoric rise this year, having launched his new album Wildheart in late June. It hasn’t all been an easy ride, however, with Toronto’s finest The Weeknd establishing himself as a newcomer and fellow juggernaut of the genre. With mystery surrounding the inevitable release of a new Frank Ocean album, these three heavyweights will be battling it out for the foreseeable future.

Miguel in his own right is clearly one of the most talented R’n’b artists of our generation, so let’s hope he continues to deliver more musical gems such as Waves. As part of the lineup for recently cancelled festival Soulfestwe can only hope that Australia is still on the cards for the sultry and sensual figure.

Go on, get wet with Miguel, you have my permission: