Lucianblomkamp Releases ‘From Afar’ Video

One of Melbourne’s – and probably Australia’s – most promising acts is experimental producer Lucianblomkamp. Always original, always fresh, and always exciting, this is one producer that more than deserves your undivided attention, and he only reaffirms this with the recent release of the music video for his latest single From Afar.

Unsettling, melancholic and grim, the track details a person who is disconnected from their surroundings, and although you may have imagined this disconnection is in regards to external elements, this newly released clip shows a deeper meaning. Focusing on a woman, she is not only disconnected from the outside world, but from herself as well. Depressed, slow and lonely, the clip sees her alone doing things like pushing the coffee cup just enough for it to fall off the table, all the way to eating dog food. It’s unnerving and uncomfortable to say the least, but fits the track just so well it provides further emotional depth and even more meaning to the lyrics than there already was.

It’s an aesthetically stunning clip, directed by Tess Hutson. She said herself of the clip, “The track is about feeling disconnected from other people, and while some of our initial thoughts were very external, we wanted to see what would happen if our character kept her turmoil within herself. This leaves the viewer to decide what’s going on in the character’s head, let alone what has happened to her to lead to this outcome.” 

The release of this clip comes just before Lucianblomkamp is set to take on an East Coast tour, hitting Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney later this month. This tour is his first solo jaunt ever, and promises to be one hell of a show. We can expect plenty more Lucianblomkamp in the future too with the announcement of his sophomore album, Bad Faith out early next year via Good Manners/Caroline.

23 Oct @ Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
29 Oct @ Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
30 Oct @ Goodgod Small Club, Sydney

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