LISTEN: Urthboy drops new single ‘Loud Long Hours’

Words by Alasdair Belling

After the years of touring, managing a label and becoming a father, Sydney MC Tim Levinson, better known as Urthboy, has dropped his latest single Loud Long Hours.

Based around a dark, murky synth line courtesy of the boys in Hermitude, as well as a beautiful chorus courtesy of fellow Sydney songstress Bertie Blackman, Loud Long Hours sees Levinson exploring a more pop-inspired sound.

As label Elefant Traks explains, the track, which details the escape of Australian Prisoner John Killick from Silverwater Prison in 1997, is “A true story and one for the ages: perhaps the wildest, most reckless gesture of love in modern Australia History”, and was the first product of a “…sprawling long project developed over three life changing years.”

A music video has also been released, capturing the essence of the story, including archived footage of news coverage of the event.

The song serves as the title track for what will be the rapper’s fifth album, to be released early next year.

The single comes after an epic 1100 hour countdown on his website, which saw the release of an additional three new songs; 1100 Hours (Comment Section), 765 Hours (W.A.R.) and 300 Hours (Get It Out Your System).