Listen To Nina Las Vegas’ Last Triple J Show EVER

One of the most influential figures in the Australian music scene as a whole, let alone the dance scene she practically helped create, is Nina Las Vegas. Absolutely integral in the rise and rise of “the Australian Sound” and the consequent boom of Australian dance music onto the international stage, Nina Las Vegas has become one of the most revered tastemakers in, well, practically ever for Australian music.

After hanging up her hat as boss of triple J‘s House Party, she started a new segment of Mix-Up Exclusives on the station, handpicking acts to come on and deliver outstanding mixes weekend after weekend. She goes out to regional communities to engage youth with music with her foundation Heaps Decent; she has toured incredible acts around the country with her NLV Presents tours; she regularly DJs and always brings it to her shows; and now she’s set to do even bigger and better things.

Just a few weeks ago, Nina announced to a rather heartbroken Australia that October 24th, 2015 would be her last triple J show ever. She would be resigning to start her own label and undoubtedly continue to kill it, just in a different area of music. Not long after that, she announced NLV Records and her first signings – SwickLewis CancutStrict Face and Air Max ’97. She then began to announce just who would have the honour of featuring on her final show ever.

Calling on her friends, who just happen to be some of the biggest DJs in the world, Nina pulled out all the stops for her last Saturday night in the triple J studio. DiploCashmere CatRL GrimeAnna LunoeFlight FacilitiesSwickFlume and Levins all responded to the call and made enough mixes to fill on four hours of high energy and emotion sets for their girl’s big night. If you, like me, unfortunately missed the show due to other commitments, you may have felt a bit of sadness having missed such a historic radio show. Thankfully, Nina Las Vegas gets us, and she has now uploaded her final show in its entirety for all to hear.

Filled will party vibes, fantastic mixes and messages from friends like Dillon FrancisAlison WonderlandDuke Dumont and many, many more, this is one four hour mix that will take up the best part of your day in the best possible way – and you can hear it below. Nina Las Vegas is responsible for so much good in the Australian music scene, and it is so exciting to see what she will do next.  We had the absolute honour recently to chat to her, and of course she delivered one hell of a discussion. Thank you, Nina!