LISTEN: Spitfire MC Mistress drops new single ‘Do or Die’

If you have any doubts as to who is Australia’s finest female emcee, it is time to make Mistress your main girl. The Melbourne artist, formerly known as Mistress of Ceremony or MOC, has seriously grabbed our attention.

Last week, Mistress dropped the first track, Do or Die, from her long awaited self-titled EP. The track also features the soulful voice of Wilo and is produced by the multi-award winning producer Cam Bluff.

I have seen Mistress perform numerous times, and every time I leave mesmerised and wanting more. She is one of few emcees of her generation who grew up perfecting rhymes over a beatbox, and her savvy flow combined with her innate knack for storytelling is what made her mixtape Let Them Eat Cake successful. If this track is a preview of her new EP, you can be assured of a similar follow up.

After years of hard work, Mistress is really making a name for herself. She has opened for some big international names (including Mobb Deep, Hopsin and The Pharcyde) and toured the country with 360 earlier this year. She is definitely a rising star in Australian hip hop and her EP is highly anticipated.

There is no confirmed released date of the Mistress EP yet, but Mistress is reportedly planning on a mid-February release. Be sure to check out the rest of her songs on Triple J Unearthed and SoundCloud.