Kanye West shares silent Yeezy Season 2 film

Kanye West has unveiled his Yeezy Season 2 Film, an entirely silent documentary which takes an in-depth look at the making of his fashion line, from conception to production. The films lack of volume is dissimilar to the first Yeezy Season film which was released in February, and featured the still-unreleased track Wolves.

Without sound, the documentary allows the viewer to focus solely on the colossal amount of work that goes into creating a fashion line- from the fabrics, the machinery, the sketches and the people behind the finished creations. Through it’s focus on detail, the documentary takes a step away from the stigma and reputation surrounding anything Kanye, it’s focal point is the fashion. Kanye’s appearances are scarce and often filmed from behind, further perpetuating the idea that there is something more to the Yeezy line, than just Yeezy. That is, until the end of the film where we see Kanye face his audience- in a sea of beige and tan sweatshirts.

Speaking with Vanity Fair after the arrival of the Yeezy Season 2 line, Kanye spoke about his fashion choices, “I was so happy to just show so many sweatshirts. It’s as simple as that,” West said. “I think sweatshirts are the way of the future. And we worked so hard on our development of our actual sweatshirts to make them fall a certain way, the dyeing that we do, the type of washing where we take a thicker Japanese stretch French terry and wash it down to where it keeps its original qualities but then feels so thin”.

You can check out Yeezy Supply to view the film. The line also dropped globally this morning, so assuming you are Kardashian-level rich and living in Sydney or Melbourne, you can find an outlet here.