Justin Bieber & Skrillex Drop Acoustic Version of ‘Sorry’

God help us, for better or worse, Justin Bieber is probably in our lives forever now. After transcending his brattish teenage years, the words Bieber and sorry are for once not in the same headline due to some ridiculous antic that Bieber is forced to apologise for. Instead, his third single Sorry is making waves around the world for all the right reasons, and were it not for Adele’s resurgence, he may have even managed to nab the number one spot in many countries, including Australia.

It seems with the new and improved Justin comes new material, new experiments and new collaborations. The most talked about is his collaboration with Skrillex on his new album – although he’s also just announced that Halsey will also be featured. While the combination might initially sound odd, the two seem to gel surprisingly well. The pair, along with BLOOD, has released a stripped back, acoustic version of Sorry that highlights Bieber’s lush vocals.

The video sees the trio zooming around on hoverboards and just hanging out like a bunch of great mates. Granted, the interactions seem a little forced – especially for BLOOD who seems like he deserves an apology himself for being forced into a video he doesn’t play any part in. Of course, in between the jamming, there’s some compulsory skateboard action and a shirtless Bieber.

Perhaps some things will never change.