Joey Bada$$ releases “Real” version of AIM HIGH

Leaks are part and parcel of being a musician these days – especially when you’re prolific on social media. It’s rare that any track, let alone an album, sees the light of day when it is actually intended to, and surprise releases are almost the norm. Most of the time we are greeted with a high quality version that reflects the final product. Sometimes however, the leaks are shoddy quality that can undermine the artistic direction and angle of the track itself.

Joey Bada$$ has taken to Twitter white on the road in Australia for Listen Out Festival, lashing out at a leaked version of his new single, titled AIM HIGH. The leaked track has been met by an overwhelmingly negative response from fans.

Regardless of whether or not the track was in its final stages or not, the internet will always jump to conclusions and be quick to voice their opinion. It’s quite refreshing to see an artist handle a leak in this way; dropping the high quality version, with production tweaks and a much better sound, instead of ignoring it and pretending it never happened.

Of course we can’t help but question the validity of the claim, but we think we’ll take the high road and believe Bada$$ for now.

Kudos to you, Joey Bada$$.