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Howl & Echoes Weekly Playlist!

Written by Emma Jones & Lauren Ziegler

Strap in and get ready, guys, we’ve got one hell of a playlist for you today. Featuring the best new music from all over the musical map. Enjoy!

Sam Tiba – Sunshine Pulse (ft SIROJ)

Coinciding with the announcement of a brand spankin’ new EP, Bromance Records’ Sam Tiba has also released a new song. Titled Sunshine Pulse, this track actually has one of the more apt titles I’ve seen in some time. That’s literally what it sounds like. Late-night house at it’s best, Tiba injects some bright warmth into the dark club with this track but it’s not until the very end where things get really interesting.

Jade The Moon – U Take Care

U Take Care is actually Jade The Moon’s third track ever, but between her songwriting, keen production skills and naturally flawless vocals, you’d be forgiven for thinking she had been doing this forever. This song is unassuming, modernised and utilises an eclectic mix of production and instrumentation to create a throbbing, pulsing soundscape that carries Jade The Moon’s voice just so well.

Leisure – Take It To The Top

We featured New Zealand band Leisure last week for what we thought was their latest single, but literally the day after that went live they went and dropped another track because two is always better than one – ESPECIALLY when it comes to Leisure, and even more so again when it sounds like this. This song is groovy as fuck, and Leisure are quickly becoming one of my favourite acts as they continue to outdo themselves with each and every release.

Mura Masa – Love For That (ft Shura)

Two up and comers in their own rights, Mura Masa and Shura are a match made in heaven with this track. Shura’s delicate voice is perfectly suited to Mura Masa’s production techniques. Keeping it light with the percussion and utilising vocal samples, he takes lead from frontrunners like Cashmere Cat whilst putting his own, unique spin on his sounds. This breakdown is one that will have you sidestepping almost immediately.

Feki – Quiet Minds (ft Emily)

Brisbane’s Feki has quickly emerged from SoundCloud semi-obscurity to all out rising star – and with tracks like Quiet Minds, we’re not exactly wondering why. This is an glistening track with an ambient soundscape and playful, twinkling synths adding splashes of colour to the atmosphere. Even when the beat kicks in, that air of sentimentality lingers, altogether creating one genuinely beautiful, emotional release.

Richard In Your Mind – Ecstatic Electricity

Richard In Your Mind is a great band. Any one of their tracks can show you that, especially this one. Returning with a new single and a new string of shows, you can’t help but get a reinvigorated feel from this track, like the band are raring to go again. It’s got pummelling drums, a hook that will get stuck in your head for days and the perfect amount of distortion (a lot).

MED, Blu, Madlib – Finer Things ft. Fonte, Likewise

Yes, there’s more than five people involved in one track. But too many cooks in the kitchen? Not even close. This is a smooth, clear-cut, catchy as hell track from the master collaborators. Backed by a classic, soulful instrumental loop, the understated yet intense verses are rhythmically delicious and and lyrically captivating. If their full collaborative effort, Bad Neighbor (due Oct 30) is anywhere near as good, we’re in for something absolutely stunning.

Lupa J, Dirty Skin

Lupa J returns with this seductive, rich offering of dark electro-pop. I’ve been particularly captivated by the sensual melody, and the instrumental layers that pull and tug at the atmosphere from all sorts of tonal angles. Playing with echoes and harmonies stretch the melody out even more, anchored down by increasingly industrial synths and percussive rhythms. For a 17-year-old, this is bloody impressive.

Plaitum, LMHY

Newcomers Plaitum are serving up what you might expect from a band like M83, if they were releasing music in 2015. With a massive, atmospheric sound and incredibly rich, velvety smooth synths and big, hollowed beats. The vocals lead the way, the angelic breathiness perfectly complements the bulging backdrop, becoming an instrumental layer in itself throughout the chorus. I’m looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

MKO SUN, Michiko

Following in a similar vein to the previous two tracks, MKO SUN’s latest, Michiko, is a really interesting blend of bubblegum-level pop production, and crunchy, deeply industrial synths. Opening on a gorgeous piano line and sparkling clean vocals, we’re immediately, and briefly struck with those huge synth jolts. The track continues to mess around with your expectations, later introducing trap-level bass loops and even heavier, albeit Jai Paul-esque funky synths.