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Grimes Takes a Turn for the Morbid in New Video

The long wait for new material from Grimes is FINALLY over! After attempting to sate our thirsts with REALiTi earlier this year, she is now well and truly back with her newest video.

Announcing her new forthcoming album Art Angels just last week, real name Claire Boucher has now released not just the tracklisting for her new record, but an incredible double video to go along with it. Written, directed, edited, coloured, and art-directed by the lady herself, Grimes has now shared a double video for two tracks off Art Angels, Flesh without Blood and Life in the Vivid Dream.

She said her new stuff would be “super different” and now we know she wasn’t kidding around. Amping up her pop leanings more than a few levels, the two new tracks are starkly different but now both have a clip with a LOT going on. Divided into two “acts”, Grimes takes us on a slightly terrifying journey in which she and some pals are having a great time in a mansion of sorts. Starting off with Flesh without Blood for Act One, Boucher is seen in a series of costumes including a Marie Antoinette outfit, angel wings, white contacts, a cowboy hat and more, whilst she jumps on the bed and plays tennis with her friends. However, things get pretty morbid pretty quickly in Act Two, Life in the Vivid Dream. Grimes gets stabbed and stumbles around, covered in fake blood. Looking positively menacing perched in a tree in her angel get up, Act Two is more solemn and downtempo, leaving it open-ended for what is to come next.

Both tracks show a very different side to Grimes in her 2012, Visions era. Clearly no longer caring what you or anyone else has to say, she’s doing whatever the fuck she wants and it’s exciting and refreshing to see. Grimes is one of the pioneering voices of music in the 2010-onwards scene, possessing one of the most loyal fan bases and one of the more defining albums of this decade with Visions. Now she seems set to do it all again with Art Angels – described as her “most ambitious album to date” – and we cannot physically wait for what else she’s got in store.

Grimes will be in the country for St Jerome’s Laneway Festival next year, and has also announced two sideshows for Melbourne and Sydney. Art Angels will be released digitally November 6 and physically December 11 via 4AD/Remote Control Records. Check the tracklisting for Art Angels below!

Grimes – Art Angels
1. laughing and not being normal
2. California
3. SCREAM ft. Aristophanes
4. Flesh without Blood
5. Belly of the beat
6. Kill V. Maim
7. Artangels
8. Easily
9. Pin
10. Realiti
11. World Princess part II
12. Venus Fly ft. Janelle Monáe
13. Life in the Vivid Dream
14. Butterfly

Grimes sideshows (Tickets to the General Public on sale 10am local time, Friday 30 October):

Wednesday 3 February – 170 Russell, Melbourne

Wednesday 10 February – Metro Theatre, Sydney