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Grimes isn’t happy about the Canadian Prime Minister

Grimes has always been an outspoken musician. She isn’t afraid to call out the blatant misogyny levelled at women in the music industry and when it comes to politics, she’s no different. In an interview with Vice, the singer expressed her dismay with Canada’s current Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper.

“Getting anyone besides Conservatives/Harper into power is priority number one,” said Grimes.

During the interview, Grimes, real name Claire Boucher, was dismayed that young Canadians weren’t taking more of an interest in their politics governing their country.

“I don’t think a lot of the people involved know how to reach the youth. Most of my friends engage more with American media than Canadian media.”

“Such a small group of people need to be motivated to get the Conservatives out for this election. In 2008, the Vancouver South riding was decided by 20 votes, for example. I’d love to motivate those 20 people to vote. I think if more young people in the public eye can start motivating our peers and fans we can make a real difference!”

She said people’s perception of Canada as environmental utopia of free health care and equal treatment was way off the mark, adding that her main concerns for the upcoming election were the environmental degradation and the murder of indigenous women.

“I’m happy about The New York Times and The Guardian and other outlets who have been shining a spotlight on important issues like Canada’s tar sands, the massive environmental destruction, and corruption within the Harper government and the treatment of Canada’s poor.”

In the meantime, Grimes has announced her European tour, called the Ac!d Reign Tour, to promote her forthcoming new album, which is expected to come out sometime this month.