Four Tet Remixes Eric Prydz

Either Four Tet can predict the future, or maybe it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Back in July of this year, the man himself tweeted that he wished someone would ask him to remix Eric Prydz‘s track Opus, and now it seems his wish has come true.


Releasing the sprawling 10-minute rework over the weekend, Four Tet has laid down some terrific work here. Propulsive, hypnotic, and almost trance-like, the man is clearly no stranger to remixes and is showing off his skill set in all it’s glory. With both artists being heavyweights in the international electronic scene, the way they have come together in this remix is what really makes it what it is. Effortlessly blending his trademark melodic nature, Four Tet uses propulsive beats and a less-is-more attitude to build it into the beautiful, blooming rework that it is. The track is being released as part of a tenth anniversary special from Prydz, following on from a 22 track compilation, Pyrda 10 released over the past three months. BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac was the first to get her hands on it, and played it on the radio over the weekend. Four Tet, clearly still as humble as ever, tweeted in  response: