Falls Festival Byron Bay does us all a solid, lets us park and camp in the same spot

Having never mustered the intestinal fortitude to camp at a festival before, I can’t honestly attest to the sheer inconvenience that must come with having to park your car in one spot, then lug all of your camping gear up a muddy hill and into a campsite and then back again once the festival is over and your general wellbeing at its tattiest, but I have heard it firsthand from the brave punters who do that it is among the shittiest of first world problems to encounter.

Cue the absolutely marvelous organisers behind summer dream Falls Festival, who put their car park passes out for sale today with an added bonus: like the versions in Lorne and Marion Bay, at Byron Bay you are now free as a bird to camp and park in the same place!

The collective relief of everybody

Not only that, the Byron Bay version of the festival have also added a nifty little daytime shuttle bus service to ferry you directly to and from the gorgeous beaches of both backyard Byron Bay as well as Brunswick Heads, should your hangover be so severe that only a dip in some salt water will fix it.

If you’re the sort of folks who would prefer their campsite to be devoid of machinery and big on beautiful green scenery, they’ve also got you covered there with a separate, car-free campsite for you to enjoy. Falls are pretty big on the environment themselves, and if you’re camping and rock up with a carpool of over three people they’ll refund your car pass straight back to you.

This is only added good news after Falls also announced an in-festival goddamn water park at this year’s festival earlier in the week.

Looks like we have a late frontrunner in the ‘Good People of the Year’ award. Cheers Falls!

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