DMA’s drop video for their delectable new single ‘Lay Down’

Sydney locals DMA’s recently brought us the first delectable taste of their forthcoming album, and now they’ve dropped an accompanying video for good measure.

Lay Down has long been performed at their live shows, but the recording officially premiered in late September, and has since been making waves back home in Australia.

They’ve now released a seriously cool video in support of the single, where the gang explores a fictional urban landscape with an aesthetic that looks as though it could be the setting for a Tony Hawke videogame. There are floating heads, multiple copies of the band and some fuzzy, pixelated characters roaming the streets – clearly someone’s had some pretty free reign to explore the editing software much to our glee.

The single and video come after a hectic and wildly successful year which saw them make a name for themselves in Australia before heading overseas, playing gigs in Europe, the US and the UK before heading back home for two surprise gigs in Melbourne and Sydney.

Their first full length album is currently underway in their bedroom studio on the back of their hit singles Laced and Delete. Currently, the boys have once again headed off overseas but will return for Laneway Festival next February.