Neon indian

Disco reinvention from new Neon Indian ‘The Glitzy Hive’

With his new album just around the corner, Neon Indian has now dropped the third single from imminent VEGA INTL. Night School. Following on from the funk-filled singles Slumlord and Annie, this latest track, The Glitzy Hive, sparkles with a poptastic disco reinvention.

Grounded in a smooth 70’s groove, with laser style synths firing off in the background, The Glitzy Hive combines the dance floor with a washed out Venice Beach feel. Making you want to strap on a pair of roller-skates and pull the kind of moves for which dolphin shorts and an afro are compulsory.

Neon Indian attributes his new album’s diversity to the various locations in which is was conceived, including the cabin of a cruise ship. Whether that was in fact the setting for the birth of The Glitzy Hive, we don’t know, but it could well account for the kind of rundown, tropical feel that drifts through the track. In both the sparkling synths and beach party vibes, which play out through a kind of sepia filter that tones down the glitter.

Channelling artists like Prince in the disco falsetto vocal, The Glitzy Hive is clearly one to dance to and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The slightly breathless chorus pulsates with a floor filler beat and sounds like summer anthem – possibly to be played on a yacht? – even descending into a crowd chorused rendition as the track fades away.

Colourful and groove-drenched, The Glitzy Hive holds all the promise of summer fun. And is another promising teaser for VEGA INTL. Night School.

The album is set for release 10/16 on Mom + Pop / Transgressive.