Deposition douchebaggery: Pharrell, Bieber and Lil Wayne

Something magical happens when you partner a pissed off musician with an opposing attorney, who will stop at nothing to get the answers they want. News came out this week that the Blurred Lines deposition videos had been made available, showing off Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke in a rather different light to that which we normally see. It’s as entertaining as it is intriguing, so we did a little digging. Here, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile three of our favourite musical depositions, and portray what happens when the cracks start to show after one too many questions.
Pharrell Williams: “I’m not comfortable”
This video is quite simply cringeworthy. If you can bare to stand a good 20 minutes of awkward silence broken only by monotonous answers, this is the video for you! The video came to light back when Robin Thicke was still basking in his fifteen minutes of fame, and when Blurred Lines was taking radio airwaves by storm. Controversy surrounded the release of the Pharrell produced track, with legal action brought against the duo by the owners of Marvin Gaye’s estate, claiming glaring similarities between Blurred Lines and Gaye’s Got to give it up.

The interview centres around Pharrell’s musical knowledge; his ability to read and write musical notation, in an attempt to determine whether or not the similarities were coincidence or perhaps something a little bit more sinister. While Robin Thicke sounds like an absolute douche during his deposition, Pharrell takes more of a ‘deer in the headlights’ approach.

The deposition reaches a crescendo when the production whiz decides that answering every question with “I’m not comfortable” is a foolproof legal defense. After watching this video several times, I’m still unsure whether or not Pharrell can read musical notation, or whether he even knows himself. Perhaps Mr Williams should just stick to modelling ridiculous hats as opposed to gracing the courtroom with his presence.

Justin Bieber: “Don’t ask me about her again”
This deposition has it all. From Bieber fixing his hair directly facing the camera, subtle winks to the audience as if he already knew the tapes would be leaked to TMZ, to an angry outburst following a series of Selena Gomez questions, Bieber delivers the goods. The line of questioning originally centred around the actions of Beebs’ bodyguards, alledgedly lashing out at paparazzi by any means necessary. Justin goes so far to even call the lawyer grilling him “Katie Couric”, an investigative reporter on US television.

This video surfaced at the height of worldwide Bieber hatred, when pissing in mop buckets and spitting on fans was just all part of the daily routine for a worldwide pop superstar, and is a far cry from the rejuvenated image that has restored Justin to the top of the musical ‘nice’ list. At the time, this was simply fuel to the fire; the public portrayal of a sarcastic and bratty popstar all but solidified opinions right across the world.

It’s incredibly tempting to reach through the screen and smack the smug look off his face as he proceeds to tell the lawyer that he can’t remember if he has ever been to Australia, and that the name “Usher” only sounds familiar.

You can almost spot the moment when Bieber’s Selena Gomez buttons are pushed just a bit too much, as he repeats ‘Don’t ask me about her again” over and over, with a piercing glare that would leave even the most hardened lawyer quaking in their boots.


Lil’ Wayne: “What’s your name again? That’s a stupid ass question”
While Bieber and Pharrell are rather surprising characters to give off some attitude, you would never put it past Lil’ Wayne to stick it to the man, and boy does he deliver. This video surfaced back when Weezy was at the height of his powers, and his time was spent in better places than beefing with Young Thug. When asked if he performed at a 2008 Virgin Music concert, Weezy delivers quite possible the greatest answer ever recorded at a deposition:

” I don’t know, but I know I did perform at this BADASS bitch birthday party recently, she was crazy, stupid thick.”

Wayne goes on to argue that he had no idea that his album Tha Carter III was the best selling album of 2008, stating that having memory of such a feat is open to personal interpretation. Enjoy an example of just one of the sarcastic responses that the New Orleans rapper provides:

Lawyer: “How would you describe your image in the media?”

Weezy: “How would I describe my image in the media? I wouldn’t describe it.”

Lawyer: “Well how would you describe it if you had to?”

Weezy: “I don’t have to.”

Taking things one step further than the other aforementioned musicians, Wayne stays true to his street cred in the form of some heavily veiled threats, informing the lawyer that the presumed security guard standing next to him “Can’t save you in the real world.”

Just as proceedings are drawing to a close, Wayne feels the need to just remind the lawyer of his threat from earlier, but covers his tracks in foolproof fashion.

Weezy: “He can’t save you.”

Lawyer: ‘What does that mean?”

Weezy: “I was talking to myself.”