David Bowie Confirms His Return With New Album

A man that needs no introduction, the Thin White Duke himself David Bowie has a new album coming out. That’s right, you read that correctly – it’s actually happening.

Having been confirmed on his website, Bowie will release his 25th album on January 8, 2016 (which will also be his 69th birthday). Titled Blackstar, the record will feature 7 tracks, including one of which that will be released on November 20. However, there have also been claims of inaccurate reporting in regards to the “sound and content of the album”. Whilst London’s The Times claims it “may well be the oddest work yet” from Bowie, his website has stated that only the following is confirmed:

“The single will be released on November 20th and is not part of David’s theatre piece ‘Lazarus’.
The album will be released on David’s birthday, January 8th 2016.”

It is strange considering just how much detail The Times claims to have. From describing the title track as having, “Gregorian chants, a soul section, various electronic beat and bleeps, and Bowie’s distinctive vocals. There is no radio edit; it’s all or nothing.” to an “insider” claiming it sounds “entirely bonkers”, that’s a LOT of information for an inaccurate report.

Thankfully, it isn’t long at all until November 20 so Bowie fans don’t have too much longer to wait to hear his new material. Considering this is the first new release since 2013’s The Next Day, but before that it was a long 10 year wait, a couple more weeks is child’s play for the Bowie faithful. Until then however, we’ll leave you with a classic.