D.R.A.M on Hotline Bling, “I got jacked for my record”

Things are getting heated in the 6ix.

D.R.A.M has taken to twitter, addressing some recent comparisons between his song Cha Cha, and the Drake song taking the charts by storm, Hotline Bling.

Performing in Toronto for the first time, the Virginia native aired his feelings regarding the situation:

It would seem that these feelings are warranted. The songs are definitely the same, and the general public definitely isn’t going to have any knowledge of the original.

However, Hotline Bling was originally dropped at the same time as the first Meek Mill diss track Charged Up, and was titled Cellphone (Cha Cha remix). For some reason or another, the original title was changed, and the rest is history.

You definitely have to feel for D.R.A.M, his track has birthed one of the catchiest and most infectious sounds of 2015, and he has little to show for it. To his credit, he refused to launch into any twitter tirades (Are you taking notes Meek Mill?)

Meanwhile, the Drake train continues to roll on, with the video for Hotline Bling dropping today.

Here, you be the judge of the similarities: