Chance the Rapper Hints at Third Mixtape

Who wants a third mixtape from Chance the Rapper? I, like many of you, have strained a muscle or two raising my hands above my head at such questions from various artists this year. But Chance the Rapper has hinted that he might be coming out with another mixtape, when he said “third mixtape” after a new track preview at an Austin City Limits sideshow. The track has yet to be named, but features a delicious brass accompaniment. Check it out in the fan footage below.

Chance’s last mixtape, Acid Rap, was a big hit on its release in 2013 and really put Chance’s name out there.

It’s been a busy few months for the Chicago MC. In May he released a jazz fusion album that saw Chance collaborate with Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment and in August he posted Free (Based Freestyles Mixtape), a joint mixtape with Lil B. I am hoping that the hinted at third mixtape will drop before year’s end.

Chance has also recently featured on All My Friends, a new track from Snakehips and Tinashe, which has a similar sound to the unnamed preview and is amazing – though you will have to take my word on this for now, as the track has been removed since I listened to it. Exciting new things are sure to come from Chance the Rapper, and I am pumped.