Chance the Rapper Drops New Single on The Late Show Stephen Colbert

When did Stephen Colbert become go-to-man for hip hop releases? Since Chance the Rapper already spilled the beans about being in the studio with Colbert, you have probably watching The Late Show intently, waiting for the track. Well, the wait is over – Angels dropped live on Monday’s show alongside Saba and the Social Experiment.

Colbert recently had Run The Jewels collaborate with TV on the Radio and then signed Run The Jewels to a multi-album deal. He had Kendrick Lamar as the final musical guest on The Colbert Report; Kendrick performed a spine-tingling new song which the audience adored so much that Colbert had no choice but to get Kendrick in for the second episode of what is now The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. And this week, he had Chance the Rapper perform another new single.

Before the performance on the show, the track appeared on iTunes as a free download. Click here to get a copy and check out the video below.

Early in the show, before Chance came out to rap, Colbert played the clip of Chance’s recent interview on Hot 97 and then teased the rapper about revealing their ‘secret’ collaboration. Colbert also talked to Chance about the decision to release the music for free. “Not making money is actually a growing business model,” joked Colbert, who then kindly let Chance get back to doing what he does best.

This is the third single of Chance’s that we have heard this month, as well as the Snakehips track with Tinashe collab All My Friends. Needless to say, anticipation is building around the rumoured third mixtape.