Big K.R.I.T teams up with Rapsody

Big K.R.I.T does not look like getting off this wave any time soon.

Just days after dropping the It’s Better This Way mixtape, the Mississippi native is back at it, dropping a fiery new track with none other than Rapsody, who continues to fly the flag for women in the hip hop genre. Guillotine Flow is as nasty as the name suggests, with 9th Wonder delivering a funkadelic yet gritty beat.

Even upon first listen of the track, you can see a burgeoning relationship developing between the two up and comers, and while the track is Big Krit’s by name, Rapsody really steals the show. Double entredres abound as she delivers one heck of a verse:

“You know I keep a new flow if you feelin’ tender on it,

Hotline bling and ain’t nobody answering your calls,

How meek of you niggas not to answer me at all”

Rapsody is probably the last person you’d expect to throw out a Meek Mill diss, but hey, what else is a dead horse for but to beat it, right? Rapsody herself is no stranger to the production talents of 9th Wonder, having teamed up earlier this year for one heck of a track with Mr Talib Kweli himself.

Australians should now be nice and familiar with K.R.I.T, having toured in recent months, and dropping some gems of wisdom along the way. Let’s hope he is willing to grace us with his present again sometime soon. Feel free to bring Rapsody our way too, Big K.R.I.T!