Action Bronson is rush into surgery after eating raw whale

The past 24 hours has definitely not been as Wonderful as Mr Action Bronson would have preferred.

According to TMZ, the NYC rapper has been hospitalised and undergone surgery in Alaska, during the filming of an episode for his food web series, Fuck, That’s Delicious. This particular episode features Bronson on the hunt for the world’s best milkshake, all the pizza in the world, copious blunts and more. Because why else would anyone want to venture to Sarah Palin’s homeland other than food and Great White Northern Green?

However, things took a sudden turn for the worse, with Bronson suddenly being rushed to hospital to undergo surgery.

It came at an inconvenient time for the MC who was reportedly (and purely by chance) sampling an eclectic platter of local foods, including caribou, bowshead whale and beluga whale blubber… delicious!

The surgery follows an ironic set of tweets by the rapper, including one which encouraged his audience that “Native people live off the land, try it.”

A rep for the rapper has since confirmed that the reason behind the operation was due to ongoing hernia issues – the result of his power lifting days.

All speculation aside, the next episode of his series should be very interesting….