Weekly Music Video Roundup!


Described as a “mesmerising study of the cyclical nature of order and chaos,” this video by Battles is mind-bending to say the least. Because aren’t we all just in a planet spinning on the tip of a young Olympians finger, really? Watching gives you that heady dizziness that comes from turning on the spot for too long, and the track itself celebrates the theme with that signature Battles repetition. At almost seven minutes long it’s a spellbinding work of art.

Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)

Need a reminder that Dead Weather are gods of rock? Here it is. In this clip to accompany the single off their upcoming album, Allison Mosshart walks with the purpose of a woman possessed into a wind-tunneled street. Her small form flung into the air as windows explode and dogs bark on. It’s noir, it’s grungy and it might just leave you with the feeling of wanting to punch something. We recommend that you don’t.

Green BuzzardSlow It Down Now

Green Buzzard already won my heart at this week’s BigSound so they could have performed their video for Slow It Down Now in front of a white wall with bags on their head and I would be sold. But they didn’t. Instead they have come out with a slick black and white number befitting the rockstars that they are. Complete with leather jackets, dark shades, concrete warehouses and pyrotechnics, it’s a real foot stomper. They might be the new kids on the block, but the block better watch out, because these guys have got game.

Boy and BearWalk The Wire

Boy and Bear are due to release album Limit of Love next month, and they’ve given us a taste with the zany clip to track Walk The Wire. The track takes a new lighthearted direction for the five piece, with an upbeat energy that is matched (if not surpassed) by the comical video. Starting off on a faltering green-screen display of the moon, viewers embark on a journey that involves exploding geysers, gun wielding producers and man on man CGI make outs. It’s at times creepy, but all round fun, descending into a mayhem that you can’t help smiling at.


Adelaide progressive electronic four piece Urtekk have released a psychedelic video courtesy of Berlin based artist Erin Laurel Hayhow. It is an extravaganza of colour and pattern that invokes the brainwashing scene from A Clockwork Orange. Landmarks and disconnected images flash by behind a wall of softened hues, made slightly disconcerting by the accompanying track that races by and builds to a breathless crescendo. It’s a hypnotism best revisited in those late night/ early morning hours.

Alice in Wonderland – Games

The video for Games is pretty literal. It depicts a varsity clad Alison Wonderland taking on a variety of physical and mental challenges, all under the direction of a coaching team. Football, chess, martial arts; she owns them all, with an aloofness that is a little bit endearing. It’s not my favourite clip of the week but the track is so damn catchy it’s worth a couple of spins.