WATCH: Mac Miller’s Killer Freestyle

Mac Miller continues to show that 100 Grand is about to be chump change, with his major-label debut GO:OD AM debuting at number 4 on the Billboard Top 200, and now this weekend’s killer freestyle.

Pittsburgh’s finest is currently gearing up for his North American tour. During his promotional run, Miller stopped by Big Boy’s morning show on 92.3 REAL in Los Angeles and showcased his crazy freestyle skills. Rapping over Biggie’s DJ Premier-produced Ten Crack Commandments, he compares himself through the list of religious figures to “a young Moses” then jumps into an undeniably dope flow: “Who’s hot? I moonwalk the jungle gym/ do not try to stop ‘cause you not gon’ fuck with him/ I’m rumblin’ with countrymen, do it for the USA/ First get the money, then the fame, then you get paid, Ali Bumba Ye.”

Big Boy gives Mac a few seconds’ break, chanting “don’t stop,” before thrusting him into Yeezy’s College Dropout track “Get Em High. Mac handles it with ease, claiming “Bitch I want it all, I will not give you not a cent here/ this is not pretend I’m tryin’ to pay some pricey rent here.”

Mac is then given another quick water break before the next session over Timbaland’s Put You On from The Game’s Documentary. The whole freestyle session lasts nearly three minutes – check it out below.

Still not convinced of Mac Miller’s skills? Check out the Chase N. Cashe-produced Speed Racer, a new track that was left off GO:OD AM.