WAAX: My Favourite Tunes

It’s been just over a year since WAAX were selected by triple J Unearthed to perform at their BIGSOUND showcase, and consequently thrusting them onto the national stage. Since then, they’ve been one of the most rapidly developing bands in quite some time – pumping out singles and making a name for themselves as a force to be reckoned with in regards to their live shows.

In just the past few weeks, they’ve revisited BIGSOUND for the second year in a row, playing multiple shows throughout the week, as well as performing their first ever festival at the Maroochy Music & Visual Arts Festival. Now, they’re set to take on Red Deer festival and undoubtedly rip them a new one as well, so before doing so we sat them down to ask about their favourite tracks. Check the below poster for the full Red Deer lineup, and check HERE for ticket details!

My favourite track to wake up to is…Ecca Vandal, White Flag
This song though, I’M AWAKE NOW

The best track for cooking is…50 Cent, Candy Shop
Food related, plus I need some mad swagger infused beats while I cook. Pretty sexy too. Oh Fiddy you dog.

The best track for spring cleaning is…Andy Bull, Talk Too Much
Playing with this legend at Red Deer fest later this year, v great jam, makes you wanna groove around and do stuff, like clean in the Spring or something.

The ultimate road trip track is…Queens of the Stone Age, In The Fade
For me at least

My favourite love song is…Beyonce, Love On Top
BAaaaaaaaaby, you’re the one that I nEEEEEED

The best track for sweet love makin’ is…Vampire Weekend, Giving Up The Gun
Lost my virginity to this song CAUUTE RITE?!? TMI? Anyway…

The track that always gets the party started is…Pink, Get the Party Started
Kind of inevitable

The best track to wind down a crowd is…Ty Segall, You Make the Sun Fry
Look at all them vibes

My favourite drunken karaoke track is…Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody
Well DUH

My favourite song to sing in the shower is…Deep Sea Arcade, Girls
Don’t ask why

A song that always makes me cry is…Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here
Every bloody time bruh

I love going to sleep listening to…Arcade Fire, Suburbs
Dreamy AF

I can’t stop dancing when I hear…A$AP Ferg, Shabba
I’m not a very good dancer