Travi$ Scott unimpressed with fan calling him “A$AP Rocky”

Whatever you do, don’t let the dollar signs fool you.

Travi$ Scott was about to play a listening session of his debut album Rodeo at the Up & Down club in New York, when a comment by a fan hit home.

The footage was captured by those guardians of culture – TMZ. In the clip, Scott is heading towards the club, flanked by flashing cameras and fans. One fan has the poor sense to yell out “A$AP Rocky!” Not a good call. Even if the artist had been A$AP Rocky, having his own name yelled out at him was hardly going to end with the two becoming best friends. Not wanting to let that slide, Travis does a 180, comes back from the club and snaps “Not motherfuckin’ A$AP Bitch.” La Flame’s quick reaction seems to suggest this isn’t the first time he has been mistaken for Lord Flacko.

Do you file this as a racist Miley Cyrus-esque “all you people look alike” gaffe? Or is it a more forgiveable comparison because both artists have braided hair and dollar signs on their names?

Either way, nothing can ever be as appalling as this:

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