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The Ten Best Songs of The Week

Here it is, Howl & Echoes’ ten best songs of the week. With a smattering of our favourite new pop, R&B, remixes and more, what better way to kick off your weekend than with our sweet, sweet playlist.

Crepes – Size Of Your Town

There is an uncompromising air of nostalgia about this track that I just can’t escape. Maybe I’m just homesick, but this really resonated with me and I haven’t been able to stop listening since. Crepes have served up an emotive slow burner that has got me hooked – not just on the song – but the band as well.

The Garden – Haha

Burger Records family members The Garden are new on my radar, but I’m sure glad they’re there. Haha is a slightly weird, really intriguing punk song with some jagged electronica and a fuckload of attitude thrown in for good measure. The theatrical vocals, the stomping riff, the spoken segment; this is an awesome slice of garage pop and has me all kinds of excited for their forthcoming album.

Lianne La Havas – What You Don’t Do (Maribou State Remix)

We love Lianne La Havas here, and we love Maribou State, so the marriage of these two could only mean good things. This remix of Lianne’s What You Don’t Do is a hypnotic, looped, minimal take, and one that shows her off in a different but very flattering light. Her voice is looped over skipping beats, fluttering samples and simple organ chords, before being stripped right back shows that there is more to both artists than meets the eye. Definitely two acts to keep an eye on!

Kelela – Rewind

Kelela has just announced the release of Hallucinogen, a new EP coming out October 9. Rewind is our first taste, and it’s a slick blend of glittery pop and understated R&B. The crystalline vocals are a really cool contrast against the wompy bass, anchoring down the shuffling rhythms and instrumental layers dancing about in between. Female fronted electro-pop is such an overblown genre, but Kelela is making it own. We’re really keen to hear what else she’s got in store.

Frøkedal – First Friend

This is my favourite track this week. First Friend is everything that I love about dark, female fronted electro-pop. With a deep rhythm and rolling bass, the atmosphere is murky, yet enticing. The eerie melody sends shivers down your spine, with Frøkedal’s rich, breathy voice demanding every drop of your attention. The track features as the final track on Frøkedal’s debut EP I See You, which came out this week on Propeller Recordings. Listen to the whole thing here.

Kwabs – Layback

British RnB rising star Kwabs is doing an excellent job at keeping interest and anticipation levels at an all time high ahead of his forthcoming album being released, and Layback is no exception. The atmospheric jam pulses with fluttering samples and easygoing synths, as Kwabs’ gorgeous voice effortlessly reels you in. Perfection.

Basenji – Can’t Get Enough

Following the release of his recent single PetalsSydney producer Basenji returns with Can’t Get Enough, from his forthcoming EP Trackpad, out September 25. The spritely, lighthearted track shows a new side to his already fruitful style. Infusing a bubblegum pop melody and synths with part-funk part-trap brass and a big beat makes for a fun little track that’s sure to get you excited for summer!

Caribou – Can’t Do Without You (Manila Killa & Kidswaste remix)
From new Caribou to a Caribou remix, this is a killer new version of one of the best electronic tracks of 2014. Spinning the emotional house track entirely on its head, the track opens with ambient synths, before opening up into a bright, expansive, futuristic atmosphere. All this, before the drop. What a RHYTHM. Not only are we kept on our toes with the myriad progressions, but each one just gets better than the last.

Mazde – Battas ft. LissA
German producer Mazde has just dropped his collaborative EP with vocalist LissA, and this is my favourite track on the release. Stretched out and atmospheric, there’s something really warm and comforting about the inviting soundscape. Phrased really beautifully, the track feels compartmentalised, but not over-produced. It’s clean but not transparent; smooth but not overbearingly so; emotive, but not cheesy.

Debris of Titan, Anime

One of the stranger tracks on this week’s playlist, this is an interesting track that’s partially psychedelic, partially experimental, and wholly interesting. Managing to somehow feel both vintage and futuristic, it’s like if Animal Collective and Tame Impala took acid and had a sunny, funky, lo-fi baby. Sprawling, trippy and a whole lot of a fun, you can really get lost in between dimensions on this one.