The best new music of the week!

Here it is, your loyal Howl & Echoes weekly playlist. This week’s playlist might just be the most diverse one we have yet. From female-led garage to twitchy electro, from Scandinavian ambience to seductive R&B and two stunning Radiohead covers, we’ve got something for everyone in this weel’s playlist. we’ve got something for everyone.


Jennifer Budd, Don’t Even
This is huge. With a bluesy sentimentality, husky vocals and an incredibly satisfying deep pop instrumentation, this is like an understated blend of folk blues and neo-R&B. Brought up on church music and folk legends, it’s easy to feel the emotion and passion in Budd’s delivery. You can check out the video clip here.

Yeo, Icarus
Yeo returns with brand new track Icarus, signifying an interesting shift in sound. Gone are the sweeping melodic emotions of Girl and Kobe. Instead, we’ve got nifty rhythms and swift funk, with disconnected rhythms and a myriad percussive tones and colours. Keep an eye out for an album, due out later this year.

Chromatics, Shadow
The latest in the Adult Swim run of weekly new music, Chromatics’ new one is expansive and ambient, really drawing you in. The melody breathlessly glides through the marching rhythms, while each layer slowly enters, stretching out each peak, each valley. A perfectly balanced soundscape, this is a gorgeous track – and super different to most of the other Adult Swim releases thus far.

Intertwine, My Only Lie is Silence
Staying on the more under-the-radar side of things for a moment, Norwegian act Intertwine is making SNAG-friendly, emotionally in-tune indie folk. Usually that kind of description might make me feel ill, but there’s something about Intertwine that I’ve fallen for. Perhaps a track to peacefully fall asleep to.

Nicholas Allbrook, Blanket 3072
Perth’s Nicholas Allbrook, who you may know as a former member of Tame Impala, returns with the strange – and strangely wonderful – new track Blanket 3072. It’s really interesting, it’s weird, it’s spacey. It’s hard to explain (so I’d recommend giving it a listen) but it’s gotten under my skin and given me goosebumps – I’m not sure if I’m enjoying it, I’m completely unnerved, or both.

Elisa Coia, These Days
Soulful brass, a Frank Ocean-style beat and an absolutely gorgeous R&B melody. The huge soundscape not only fills every sonic orifice with those smooth rhythms and twinkling brass, but it changes and dances and twirls. With a distinctly vintage feel, this is a really smooth offering from 

Hinds, Garden
As always, Spanish trio Hinds have released one hell of a loose, indie/garage track. Garden is fun. It’s nostalgic and summery, it’s raucous and it’s hazy – but it’s still got so much clarity and melodic detail. Structure is often sacrificed for a kind of messy authenticity in this kind of music, but Hinds manage to balance that freedom with enough musical density that I just get it.

Roman GianArthur, SEND:TON
Finishing up this week’s (slightly) short playlist is the unbelievable Roman GianArthur, and two of his brand new tracks. Well, they’re not exactly brand new – he’s just released six Radiohead covers – but they’re beautiful, and yes, I saved the best for last. Smooth and seductive, this trip-hop/neo-soul cover has a kind of D’Angelo, Miguel-type vibe to it, blending delicate soul melodies with a heady bass and distorted guitar licks.

Roman GianArthur, NO SURPRISES ft. Janelle Monae (Radiohead cover)

My god this is a brilliant cover of a brilliant song. Radiohead’s No Surprises has very, very special place in my heart, and this cover is just beautiful. Passionate and soulful, the track opens up to spindly guitar solos, before reaching a kind of lounge-jazz section, and more. Oh, and could we forget about the impeccable Janelle Monae? Not even a new song, technically, but without doubt the best new song I’ve heard all week.