The Bawse is Back – Rick Ross to drop his album this week

It looked for a while like Rick Ross (aka Ricky Rozay) was finished and Meek Mill was going to be Maybach Music’s new ‘bawse’. But this is no longer the case after Ricky Rozay today dropped Foreclosures (a title that his lawyer had announced in July following Ross’ arrest for kidnapping, and aggravated battery and assault).

Ross’ last album, Hood Billionaire, was mediocre at best and made me worry that he was getting too old for this gangsta rap thang. But it seems that now in 2015, his raps are back on point, and Foreclosures is his best song in quite some time.

The new single will be quickly followed by an entire album, with Black Dollar dropping this Thursday, September 3rd. It has been a long time coming, as back in June the album was to be released “soon”.

It seems common practice these days in hip hop for artists to take to Instagram and Twitter to hint at new music, and with lots of them failing to make good on their promises, it’s great to see them finally sticking to them. Both Jeezy and Rick Ross teased fans over the weekend, and both stuck to their word and put out singles. Jeezy dropped God on Tuesday along with his own album release date.

Foreclosures is produced by Justice League & 8 Bars, and is exactly the bawse dawg sound you’ve come to expect from a Rick Ross song – a bit of soul and a bit of street. Ross has clearly been putting in some work this last year and has come out sounding refreshed. Black Dollar will easily get the W if the rest of the album is as good as this track.

– For more on Rick Ross, read our feature on authenticity in hip hop. Did you know that he was a Corrections Officer?