Soulwax remixes Tame Impala’s Let it Happen

Too often these days, ‘remix’ entails a version of the original song with some sick new synths, maybe an effect on the vocals and a tropical summer house beat running underneath (we explore this in detail here). Thankfully this is not that. Soulwax’s remix of Tame Impala’s Let it Happen is a creative masterpiece in its own right.

Leaving the vocals relatively untouched, Soulwax completely reinvents the instrumental layers and the overall structure, creating a completely different atmosphere. What was four minutes of bubbly psych-synth, is now nine minutes of intense, incredibly expansive electronica. As the vocals fade in and out the beat builds, becoming deeper and heavier at about two minutes in. Despite lasting over nine minutes, the song goes through so many subtle transitions that it is electrifying the entire way through. Soulwax has done what a remix should do, respecting the integrity of the original track at the same time as giving it a completely new feel. Allowing the signature sounds of each artist to merge and complement each other.

Tame Impala have had an incredible year, performing at Splendour in the Grass, being accused of inappropriate sampling and released a stunning new album just to name a few. They’ve also been remixed by Haim and released some amazing new music videos for the tracks on their album. The band is set to tour around Australia and some if its most iconic venues this November, including the Sydney Opera House, Riverstage in Brisbane and Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne. Unfortunately these shows are booked out, but you can check out their upcoming international tours on their website.