Rytmeklubben: My Favourite Tunes

Norwegian artists Rytmeklubben hit our radar earlier this year, with the release of their plinky-plonky indie-electro single Girlfriend, and we’ve had our eye on them since. While Norway might be more traditionally known for heavier music, we’ve seen a surge of electro-friendly artists like Lido and Cashmere Cat lead the way, and four-piece Rytmeklubben is right behind. A supergroup of sorts, each member – Henrik the Artist, Hi Tom, Torjus and DJ Karaoke – are producers in their own right, having joined forces to come out with the spritely Girlfriend. The track will be featured on a forthcoming EP, and we can cross our fingers for Australian tour dates soon.

We wanted to get to know them a little better, so we asked them to share some of their favourite tunes for cooking, cleaning, and sweet, sweet love making….

My favourite track to wake up to is  Alkaline – More Than Happy
It’s important to start the day with a positive message from your Guru.

The best track for cooking is… Lil B x Soulja Boy – Cooking Dance
Gets you in the mood for cooking – no cookbook ever needed with this.

The best track for spring cleaning is…  something driving an energetic, like this tune from Lechuga Zafiro.

The ultimate road trip track is… Not really sure, I mean for a road trip that song would have to be really long then? DJ-mixes would be more fit I think, like this one from SVANI.

My favourite love song is… Alkaline – Move Mountains
It has all of the classic elements of a good love song – the tempo, guitar, reverberation, and the lyrics. The title says it all.

The best track for sweet, sweet lovemakin is…Future – Rich $ex
Because… it’s expensive, you know – it’s not cheap.

The track that always gets the party started is… Young Chop – Seen That ft. Mike PDJ

The best track to wind down a crowd is… Dean Friedman – McDonalds Girl
Reminds you of the two things you need right after a party, and why they often come together.

My favourite drunken karaoke track is… Rich Gang – Lifestyle ft. Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan
…..naghamananea shiga LIIFESTYYYLEEE

My favourite song to sing in the shower is… Fetty Wap – My Way.
Just let go.

A song that always makes me cry is… The Streets – Blinded by Lights
I’m not ready to get into what this does to my feelings, I request to have my psychiatrist present for such an occasion.

I  love going to sleep listening to… John Cage – Thirteen Harmonies
“Open this in 5 tabs, and set each one to a random time. It just gets more and more beautiful” – puny74 (youtube user)
Puts you to sleep like a child. Who doesn’t want that.

I cant stop dancing when I hear…. CYPHR & Sudanim – U Most
Soo goood great energy wow can’t stop moving feeling great!