Rolls Bayce

Rolls Bayce return with hypnotic single ‘Lost’

Rolls Bayce – a triumvirate of some of Brisbane’s finest musical talent – have released yet another brilliant single. Lost follows on from a myriad of successes for the band over the past year, including a stellar four-track EP – lauded by triple j and the NME, among other trusted media sources – and a slew of support slots for big-name bands such as The Drums and Peace.

Lost is more of the same from a band whose catalogue, while limited, has never failed to impress. Merging psychedelic grooves with the playfulness inherent in so many Brisbane bands, Rolls Bayce are following a hugely effective blueprint. Lost swirls into cohesion, a crackling synth intro the forerunner to a powerful, purposeful guitar line. Dean McGrath‘s vocals soar over spacey loops and the taut, cyclical drumming that binds the song together.

A debut album from Rolls Bayce is slated for release early next year. Until then, we’ll make do with the immaculate singles they continue to gift us.