Roadtripping with Raury in New Video For “Friends”

Yesterday, Raury released new track Friends featuring Rage Against The Machine‘s Tom Morello, and today has followed up with the video. The clip is a real good time, documenting the artist’s recent road trip with a friend from Atlanta to Chicago. The pair ditch a plane flight to trek their way cross country with the help of twitter followers in a showing of camaraderie and connectivity.

The trip commences with the duo walking up to a drive thru window for some pre-trip sustenance (which are clearly more liberal than Australia when it comes to modes of transport), and make their way to fair grounds and skate spots with a long cast of companions. The trip culminates with a game of kickball in hometown Windy City, where fans came out in force to meet the young celeb.

The adventure is joyful and perfectly matches the uplifting melody with a delightful touch of the 80’s. There’s a certain A-ha element about the whole affair, but not enough to cross the border to cheesy.

It is the second single off upcoming album All We Need, due out next month, and further testament that Raury is full of talent and surprises. Our guess is that he is destined for very big things this year!

You can check out our interview and photos from his visit earlier this year.

Here’s the tracklist for his album:

  1. “All We Need”
  2. “Revolution”
  3. “Forbidden Knowledge” feat. Big K.R.I.T.
  4. “Woodcrest Manor II”
  5. “Cpu” feat. RZA
  6. “Devil’s Whisper”
  7. “Peace Prevail”
  8. “Crystal Express”
  9. “Love is Not a Four Letter Word”
  10. “Her”
  11. “Trap Tears” feat. Key!
  12. “Mama”
  13. “Kingdom Come”
  14. “Friends” feat. Tom Morello