REVIEW: Moses Gunn Collective Show They’re Here To Stay

Brisbane darlings Moses Gunn Collective have become a staple in the local, and now national, scene for all the right reasons – electrifying live performances, incredibly catchy and accomplished singles and now the album, Mercy Mountain, to back it all up. If there was any doubt that even bigger things are on the horizon for this five piece, their hometown album launch last weekend firmly quashed it.

Supported by Donny Love and Black Zeros, the bill was about as solid as it gets last Friday with a healthy number showing for both supports. However, the crowd almost instantly swelled as the headliners took to the stage, with the entire room suddenly packed out to the point where those at the front (me) were faced with a sea of faces trapping them there. Thankfully, the show smashed any and all expectations so being trapped wasn’t a problem at all.

Effortlessly moving through their setlist, Moses Gunn Collective showed off their debut album in all it’s jangly, psychedelic, blissed out glory to adoring fans. Prompting more than a few singalongs, their infectious back catalogue meant they had the crowd in the palm of their hand and they didn’t let go once. Live favourites like Colour Television and Ghost Life, with their hard hitting drums and in-your-face guitars, saw the crowd get even looser than they already were, whilst Mercy Mountain and Midnight Parlour saw the band briefly touch on the break pedal for a split second, before launching into the pure euphoria of both tracks. Of course, lead singles and the tracks that were responsible for the band ticking boxes such at playing Falls Festival earlier this year, MaryShalala, Back Into The Womb and Hot Mess, were rapturously received, and even prompted a stage invasion of epic proportions in their final track.

Incredibly tight, the band moved through their set as a whole unit, seamlessly getting through their considerable time slot with ease and an air of nonchalance. Openly grateful for the huge turnout, the band gave just as much love back to the crowd as was being poured out onto them, all the while showing why they are absolutely ones to keep an eye on. They’ll be playing at BIGSOUND next week and will undoubtedly have even more success coming their way in the near future. I’m just grateful I have been able to catch them in such intimate settings over the past few months, it won’t be long at all until they outgrow your standard venues and are packing out huge concert halls. Only up from here, guys!