PREMIERE: The Lighthouse and The Whaler release ‘We Aren’t Who We Thought We Were’

Chicago band The Lighthouse and The Whaler are gearing up for the release of their latest album, Mont Royal at the end of this week – and what an album it is! Collecting a multitude of genres and styles, the four piece have not just exceeded expectations from previous efforts, but totally smashed through them. Ranging from synth hook driven feel-good numbers to the darker, grander, intense tracks similar to Foals, The Lighthouse and The Whaler have really hit their stride with this album.

Releasing their album in Australia through all round legends Smack Face RecordsMont Royal drops September 18th. However, if you can’t wait just a few days, you can check out one of the absolute highlights of the track first here. We Aren’t Who We Thought We Were, starting off with cinematic synth sounds and a slowly building strumming and delicate beat, features angelic and heartfelt vocals singing a forlorn track of things that could have been. Pulling out all the stops, this track is a slow burner at it’s best. By giving it space to breathe, The Lighthouse and The Whaler take their time in building it up to something really quite beautiful.

Having already been released in the States last month, the album has already received rave reviews and a whole lot of love from fans across the pond. By not shying away from bigger and better things, The Lighthouse and The Whaler have really shown off what they’re capable of, so we could hazard a guess their loyal fanbase is set to explode even more once this gets into eardrums around the world.

Mont Royal is out September 18th via Smack Face Records.