PREMIERE: Let Full Flower Moon Band take you on a trip with ‘Beautification’

Full Flower Moon Band is the brainchild of leading lady Kate Dillon, with the addition of Bella Carroll (Moses Gunn Collective), Gabriella Cohen (The Furrs) and Cat Maddin (Dreamtime) in a live setting. Detailing the story of “an artist living under surveillance who is forced into isolation,” Full Flower Moon Band’s unique style of “valium induced pop” is one that will open your mind and eyes, particularly with their latest release.

Beautification is part four of five in the band’s audiovisual project, CHINATOWN. Unnerving, unsettling but slightly hypnotic in the way it captures your attention, Beautification is a tripped out slice of disconcerting electro pop.

Heavy drum beats, distorted guitars and echoing synths open the track, as it meanders and floats along. Keeping you on your toes throughout, it’s unpredictable in it’s deviations as the video component warps and changes. It’s eerie and strange for sure, but there is something about it that I just can’t get enough of. From the almost menacing break where Dillon repeats, “So you thought you could get away from me?“, to the distorted footage of the bearded guitar man at the start, the serene vocals as a cartoon runs on all fours above a ticking timer to even the DIY component of the clip as a whole; Full Flower Moon Band are breaking free of any and all expectations and limitations.

Brisbane fans should keep their eyes peeled for any upcoming shows, as the ladies promise a performance to be remembered. Check the previous parts here.