News The Jewels: Your week in Run The Jewels news

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more Run The Jewels action, the hip hop duo are once more owning the headlines this week. First, they have collaborated with TV on the Radio to perform their song Angel Duster on Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Check out the clip below.

As you can see, it’s quite an impressive collab. Even Colbert thought so, and got Run The Jewels back in the next day for a bonus comedy sketch. “Excited to announce that I’ve signed [Run the Jewels] to a multi-album deal!” Colbert tweeted along with the clip.

The sketch sees RTJ playing with a parody of their remix album, Meow the Jewels (a good-natured Kickstarter-funded album which will feature the duo rapping over cat noises). The boys are good sports, and in the sketch El-P and Killer Mike preview Squawk The Jewels before moving into Couple Arguing Outside A Party The Jewels and ending with Fire At The Old Henderson Place The Jewels. At the end of the sketch, a variety of other interesting sounds and remix projects are promised:

  • Bubble Wrap The Jewels
  • Mambo The Jewels
  • Wilhelm Scream The Jewels
  • Malfunctioning Pinball Machine The Jewels
  • Nixon Tapes The Jewels
  • Leaving A Drunk Message On Your Ex-Girlfriend’s Voicemail The Jewels
  • Windows 95 Startup The Jewels
  • Tree Falling In The Woods The Jewels
  • Seagal The Jewels
  • The Apartment Sounds So Empty Without Her The Jewels
  • The Entire Soundtrack To Saturday Night Fever Without Modification The Jewels
  • Jewel (The Singer) The Jewels
  • Racist Uncle The Jewels
  • Squawk The Jewels 2

And to top off all this Run The Jewels action, the pair brought out a number of guests during their set on Saturday at Music Midtown festival in Killer Mike’s hometown of Atlanta. Fellow ATLien Big Boi came onstage to perform Banana Clipper, T.I. and Bun B came out for Big Beast, and Gangsta Boo rapped her parts on Love Again. Watch a few clips below.

The only downside to all this great Run The Jewels news is that with Colbert’s supposed multi-album deal, Run The Jewels 3 will only be completed “once [they] finish up with all this other shit, So, it should take ‘til 2029.” But Colbert was only joking, right? Right?