Mykki Blanco Gets Even Wilder with ‘Coke White, Starlight’

Opening with the line, “They don’t want to see a man in a dress succeed,” Mykki Blanco‘s new single Coke White, Starlight is as confrontational and aggressive as you’d expect – perhaps even more so.

Over plunging bass lines and menacing synths, Blanco effortlessly tears her haters to shreds with her words, kicking the door in and grabbing you by the shirt to force you into listening to her. The track begins to pick up speed, crashing beats and dark synth jabs as a warped voice sluggishly falls over the cacophony. This is one of those songs that grabs your attention and punches you in the face, but in the best, most Blanco way possible.

Earlier this year, Mykki Blanco announced she would be starting her own collective, Dogfood Music Group, which would “give voices to the underground artists that inspire their communities…and transcend conventional cultural boundaries/constructs.” Well, transcend it does, with Coke White, Starlight being the first track released off the label. Taken from a compilation titled C-ORE, the full release drops September 18 and promises to be something REALLY big.


01 Violence: “This Is Going To Be Disgusting, Unholy, And Pleasurable”
02 Psychoegyptian: “Lbcd”
03 Mykki Blanco: “Coke White, Starlight”
04 Yves Tumor: “Histrionic I”
05 Psychoegyptian: “Don’t I Look”
06 Yves Tumor: “Childish”
07 Yves Tumor: “Histrionic II”
08 Violence: “Saturn”
09 Yves Tumor: “Histrionic III / Skunk of the Earth”
10 Mykki Blanco: “Paw”
11 Violence: “Stillborn Song”
12 Psychoegyptian: “Lullaby” (feat. Slum Savage)