Mount Kimbie Premiere Unreleased 2009 James Blake Collab

With more and more musicians getting residencies on radio shows, we’re more often hearing little demos and unreleased projects of theirs on the air. There’s tonnes of artists taking up time on services like Apple Music’s Radio shows, and people like Katranada, Flying Lotus and James Blake have been doing their thing on BBC1. Though it wasn’t released by James Blake, just yesterday a 2 minute gem emerged from the UK – an unreleased 2009 collaboration between Blake and UK duo Mount Kimbie – which was released via Kimbie’s NTS Radio residency.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from either of these artists. Blake was due to release his third studio album Radio Silence in the first half of this year, however there’s a bit of Frank Ocean syndrome there in that we haven’t heard anything about it since. Mount Kimbie haven’t done much since their 2013 album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, but this more than makes up for that.

The untitled collab is absolutely gorgeous. It’s dark, it bangs and it’s relaxing all at the same time. Some crazy percussion alongside some Blake styled synths and vocoded vocals towards the end just begs for more collaboration work from these two amazing UK artists. James Blake’s album has thus far boasted collabs from artists like Bon Iver and Kanye West, here’s hoping that Mount Kimbie are on there too.

Check the full stream of the show here, and make sure to keep it locked here for more news on Blake’s album and any future Mount Kimbie shows.