LISTEN Announces 2015 Conference

Existing to “spark and cultivate discussion and documentation around women and LGBTQIA+ people’s involvement in music”, LISTEN is one of the most important groups in the Australian music scene. Because of this, we couldn’t be more excited to hear the news that they will be holding a conference at the end of next month.

Designed to give a voice to conversations, discussions and debates which desperately need to happen, panels will be held over two days and will cover issues concerning “gender, feminism, creativity, intersections within communities, performance and more” in regards to Melbourne’s continually evolving music industry. Hoping to promote new ideas to help resolve issues like ongoing sexual harassment in venues, women’s involvement beyond performance,  bridging the confidence gap between men and other minorities in the industry and many more valuable topics.

Running from Saturday 31 October – Sunday 1 November, prices range from $50 for two days, $30 for one day or $10 for a single panel. It will be held at Melbourne’s Northcote Town Hall and will feature speakers like Milk Records‘ Jen CloherListen Records co-founder Chloe Turner and many, many more. For more information see the poster below or head to listenlistenlisten.org. We have, and will continue to cover issues such as these on a regular basis and can not encourage participation in events like this enough – regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or anything else. Equality is for all, and starts with all of us.

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