Josh Homme and Justice to star in the ‘loudest silent movie ever’

There’s a new, dark fairytale and conceptual live gig set to tour soon with a roll call to make your jaw drop. Gutterdämmerung is the cinematic realisation of Bjorn Tagemose‘s original story in which a young girl is sent by an evil  priest to retrieve and destroy the evil guitar belonging to none other than the devil himself. In a series of videos, the cast list has been teased by Henry Rollins and Iggy Pop, who both star in the project.

It’s a fully immersive, loud as fuck experience, where silent movies and live rock music intertwine to create “the loudest silent movie on Earth”. Rollins is a co-screenwriter and plays the aforementioned priest, while Iggy portrays a “punk-angel” who unleashes the Devil’s guitar and sin in general upon Earth out of sheer boredom. Joining the musicians are icons of their genres including Grace Jones, Jesse Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal), Mark Lanegan and Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead) as well as actors Tuesday Cross and Olivia Vinall.

Today it was announced that joining the already immense cast is none other than Hughes’ EODM bandmate and all round rock legend (or as Hughes describes him “a wizard, not a magician, the ginger Elvis, the 6’5 viking monster of sound, fury and unbelievable good taste”) Josh Homme and French electronic icons Justice.

Speaking on the project, Iggy Pop describes the film as an archetypal epic in the vein of The Oddessy or Beowulf, so in the immortal words of Jesse Hughes “It’s fucked up – so stay posted.”