Future’s takeover continues

While most of us are still revelling in the greatness that is the Atlanta rapper’s debut No.1 Billboard album, Dirty Sprite 2, Future has been busy. He announced during his Made In America set: “We appreciate all the support. Y’all been turning up for us. It’s gonna be another album on the way before the year is out with. Just know we ain’t stopping.”

The announcement of this new album comes barely two months after the release of Dirty Sprite 2, making this album his sixth release (including mixtapes) since Honest hit in April 2014. Not only do we get a follow-up to DS2, but his Mike WiLL Made-It produced mixtape Ape Shit is supposedly coming out soon, too.

Since the beginning, Future has been the head of the pack, setting himself apart with a unique and distinctive sound. Last month, Future shared a short biographical documentary titled I’m Just Being Honest, which you can check out below. Directed by JD Anderson, the 19-minute documentary follows Future on tour, in the studio, on the sets of his music videos, and everywhere else. Pharrell Williams features in the documentary. There are “a lot of rappers,” he points out, “but there’s very few characters. I’m talking about iconic. You just did that in that record, man.”

Future seems an appropriate name considering that he is everywhere we look, and only getting more popular from here. Even Meek Mill spent a surprising amount of his set having his DJ play other people’s jams, but Meek had to stop the party when he thought his DJ was taking away from the genius that is Future, who was a headline act for Sunday. At least, that’s my interpretation – some have said it was meant as a diss, but I find it hard to believe Meek would A) diss King Future, a contributor on Dreams Worth More Than Money and B) start another beef after horribly losing the last one.

Aside from Future’s announcement at Made In America, no other details on his new album have been revealed. All we can say for sure is that the auto-tune monarch seems to have had his brakes cut as he isn’t slowing down for anything. This new album is sure to as dope as the rest of his releases, if not better.