WATCH: Funny Or Die recut Kanye West’s VMAs speech

By now, we’ve all heard about Kanye West’s VMAs acceptance speech. In a timespan of 13 minutes, West went from recounting how he first met Taylor Swift at a supermarket to announcing his wishes to run for President in 2020. Good luck to whoever wants to run against him because Kanye fans are lining up to vote.

Funny and clever as the speech already was, David Elmaleh has decided to take things one step further. He has cut out different parts of the speech, added a laughing track, a few cuts to the audience and re-imagined it as a stand-up comedy set. The video, which was probably inspired by the line “I still don’t understand award shows”,  has given us a new take on one of the most talked about moments of the award show.

In true Seinfeld fashion, he dove into a rant of what he doesn’t understand about award shows. The video goes to make the line “I don’t understand” somewhat iconic and even includes his quip about smoking something before he went up.

Maybe if the whole running for President thing doesn’t work out, he can give stand-up a try. He sure has a way with words, so why not?